10 September 2012


I wish to explore just what music is from the context of one wishing to become a master of its expression.  Thus, much of the writings to come will focus on the various reflections, ideas, and emotions that well up as a result of plumbing the depths of music as an art form.  Verily, I aspire to become a competent performer and songwriter.  Although I do not wish to restrict  just how this may take place, for now I have become fatuously involved with the acoustic guitar and many of the American roots genres –  Delta & country blues, classic country, folk, bluegrass, gosepl, traditional, and ragtime.  Over the years, my tastes in music have differed dramatically; I do not foresee any form of settling in the near future.

As my evening practice time is quickly approaching, I depart with a re-posting of an article on practice time shared on Facebook by my cousin Erin, an accomplished violinist in her own right.  Ever bewitched by getting the most of the limited time I have in life and with music, the article is timely indeed.